Life expectancy in all EU regions – Eurostat

Eurostat highlights data on life expectancy at birth The average number of years a newborn is expected to live based on current mortality rates across people of all ages. Life expectancy is higher for women in all EU regions with some differences. — Read on

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Medical Tourism Trends in 2022 for Germany and the world

What are medical tourism trends in 2022 for Germany and the world? Every year about 250,000 patients seek treatment in Germany. They come from 177 countries mostly from Poland, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and South Arabia. Of these, 100,000 are treated as inpatients in clinics. According to estimates, planned treatments of foreign patients in hospitals account for about 40 - 45 %. Deutsche Welle reports that the number of visitors has dropped significantly in the last few years, with fewer Russian nationals visiting Germany for such services. In 2020, the number of such patients from Russia decreased…

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Four-day work week pilot

The world's biggest four-day work week pilot begins. More than 3000 workers at 70 UK companies are about to begin a 6 month trial of a 4 day work week. Its based on the 100:80:100 model – 100% pay for 80% time, in exchange for a commitment to maintain 100% productivity. Read more at:

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Top 20 World’s Best Hospitals in 2022

Newsweek has performed a study on the world's best hospitals in 2022 Many medical institutions struggled with different challenges over the course of the pandemic but what has set the world's best hospitals apart is their continued ability to deliver the highest-quality patient care and conduct critical medical research even as they focused on battling COVID.   Rank Hospital Country City State (US only) 1 Mayo Clinic - Rochester United States Rochester MN 2 Cleveland Clinic United States Cleveland OH 3 Massachusetts General Hospital United States Boston MA 4 Toronto General - University Health Network Canada Toronto…

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Healthcare expenditure statistics of the EU

This article presents key healthcare expenditure statistics and financing aspects of healthcare in the European Union (EU). Healthcare systems are organised and financed in different ways across the EU Member States, but universal access to quality healthcare, at an affordable cost to both individuals and society at large, is widely regarded as a basic need; moreover, this is one of the common values and principles of EU health systems. Statistics on healthcare expenditure and financing may be used to evaluate how a healthcare system responds to the challenge of universal access to quality healthcare, through measuring financial…

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113 great leaders in healthcare | 2022

Healthcare needs strong leaders now more than ever to navigate their organizations through the pandemic and digital transformation. The following 113 great leaders champion innovation and have built a solid cultural foundation for success in the future. For questions and comments on this list, contact Laura Dyrda at Naomi Diaz, Cailey Gleeson, Georgina Gonzalez, Riz Hatton, Marissa Plescia and Ariana Portalatin contributed to the development of this list. Greg Adams. Chair and CEO of Kaiser Permanente (Oakland, Calif.). Mr. Adams leads a network of 39 hospitals, 730 medical offices and more than 216,000 employees. His work…

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BMBF Progress Hubs Health

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding Digital Progress Hubs Health from 2021 to 2025 with 50 million EUR.

Medical Universities have carried out important pioneering work in the medical informatics initiative funded by the BMBF. Since mid-2021, the Digital Progress Hubs Health, also funded by the BMBF, will take the next step: They are to develop model solutions for the transfer of digital innovations into regional care and optimize them in practice. In addition, regional care data should also help research in the future to improve care concepts and therapies in a targeted manner, taking into account data protection.

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Recipe of light

Certain “recipe of light” as combinations of blue, red and ultraviolet light can enhance plant growth and could reduce the use of pesticides. [wonderplugin_video videotype="mp4" mp4="" webm="" poster="" lightbox=0 lightboxsize=1 lightboxwidth=960 lightboxheight=540 autoopen=0 autoopendelay=0 autoclose=0 lightboxtitle="" lightboxgroup="" lightboxshownavigation=0 showimage="" lightboxoptions="" videowidth=600 videoheight=400 keepaspectratio=1 autoplay=5 loop=0 videocss="position:relative;display:block;background-color:#000;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto;" playbutton=""] A 20,000-square-metre light installation in the Netherlands is contributing to sustainable agriculture. The vertically placed LEDs in a field of leek are said to increase crop growth. UV light could also reduce the use of pesticides by up to 50%, according to Daan Roosegaarde, the designer behind the project. …

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2021-27 EU Programmes for Health and Investment

Multi-billion-euro funding schemes will support research directly and indirectly Multi-billion-euro funding schemes will support research directly and indirectly The European Parliament has given its final approval to two 2021-27 EU programmes for bolstering health and investment activities that will make direct and indirect contributions to the bloc’s research capacity. The renewed InvestEU programme will use budget guarantees totalling €26.2 billion to mobilise private and national investments estimated to reach more than €372bn in four policy areas. — Read on

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