European Institutions: Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment

MedcoDRG is proud to accompany the development of the agreement on reforming research assessment of such European Institutions as the ERA Forum and the European Research Area Committee (ERAC) The Agreement sets a shared direction for changes in assessment practices for research, researchers and research-performing organisations, with the overarching goal to maximise the quality and impact of research. The Agreement includes the principles, commitments and timeframe for reforms and lays out the principles for a Coalition of organisations willing to work together in implementing the changes. Organisations involved include public and private research funders, universities, research centres,…

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Healthcare expenditure statistics of the EU

This article presents key healthcare expenditure statistics and financing aspects of healthcare in the European Union (EU). Healthcare systems are organised and financed in different ways across the EU Member States, but universal access to quality healthcare, at an affordable cost to both individuals and society at large, is widely regarded as a basic need; moreover, this is one of the common values and principles of EU health systems. Statistics on healthcare expenditure and financing may be used to evaluate how a healthcare system responds to the challenge of universal access to quality healthcare, through measuring financial…

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Recipe of light

Certain “recipe of light” as combinations of blue, red and ultraviolet light can enhance plant growth and could reduce the use of pesticides. [wonderplugin_video videotype="mp4" mp4="" webm="" poster="" lightbox=0 lightboxsize=1 lightboxwidth=960 lightboxheight=540 autoopen=0 autoopendelay=0 autoclose=0 lightboxtitle="" lightboxgroup="" lightboxshownavigation=0 showimage="" lightboxoptions="" videowidth=600 videoheight=400 keepaspectratio=1 autoplay=5 loop=0 videocss="position:relative;display:block;background-color:#000;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto;" playbutton=""] A 20,000-square-metre light installation in the Netherlands is contributing to sustainable agriculture. The vertically placed LEDs in a field of leek are said to increase crop growth. UV light could also reduce the use of pesticides by up to 50%, according to Daan Roosegaarde, the designer behind the project. …

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2021-27 EU Programmes for Health and Investment

Multi-billion-euro funding schemes will support research directly and indirectly Multi-billion-euro funding schemes will support research directly and indirectly The European Parliament has given its final approval to two 2021-27 EU programmes for bolstering health and investment activities that will make direct and indirect contributions to the bloc’s research capacity. The renewed InvestEU programme will use budget guarantees totalling €26.2 billion to mobilise private and national investments estimated to reach more than €372bn in four policy areas. — Read on

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Open Science – European Commission

The European Commission has awarded a contract for the setting up of an open access publishing platform “ Open Science” for scientific articles as a free service for Horizon 2020 beneficiaries. The EU’s new open-access platform will levy a €780 article processing charge. — Read on More updates and useful links in our blog at

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European MSCA 2019 Fellowship

European call for Individual Fellowships of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions is open.  The European Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) provide grants for all stages of researchers' careers - be they doctoral candidates or highly experienced researchers - and encourage transnational, intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility. The MSCA enable research-focused organisations (universities, research centres, and companies) to host talented foreign researchers and to create strategic partnerships with leading institutions worldwide. — Read on More information about EU Grants at:    


Grants for Interregional Healthcare Projects in the EU, May 7-14, 2019

On behalf of  Medical Grants Pervushina & Partners, we would like to invite you to take part in our educational support activity on sourcing and monitoring of international funding opportunities for interregional healthcare projects in the EU. The new event is already published on EUAGENDA platform. As a collaboration partner of several European and international medical societies and initiatives, Medical Grants Pervushina & Partners is committed to: Identifying and monitoring international funding opportunities to meet healthcare and life sciences professionals' needs Fostering peer-learning Endorsing the highest standards in the healthcare and biomedical research Promoting lifelong learning and…


Trends in the EU Funding

The European Innovation Council aims to create more world-scale tech companies in Europe with a budget that will eventually top €1.5B/yr. The focus is on disruptive innovations that can make Europe more competitive. — Read on at: