Company MedcoDRG

Company MedcoDRG

was founded in 2020. The team of European experts and professional consultants works in hospital controlling.


Company MedcoDRG Europäische Kommission

Code of practice and quality standards

MedcoDRG abides strictly by the European  Commission rules and procedures.


Company MedcoDRG EU-Health-Policy-Platform




In 2020 company MedcoDRG was listed on the EU Health Policy Platform.

The Platform has been created to enable health stakeholder organisations to share knowledge on EU-health issues, engage in a laboratory of ideas and enter into an interactive dialogue with the Commission services. The thematic network is the place for collaboration on defined themes to develop a joint statement by a group of stakeholder organisations. Thematic Networks can be restricted or open to all registered Platform users, depending on the need of the specifications for the outcome of the project group.

The EU Stakeholders and Expert Groups are spaces reserved for ad-hoc groups of experts and member states’ representatives working in collaboration with the Commission. Access to those groups is restricted to identified members.

Company MedcoDRG EUAgenda




In 2020 we became a member of the EU Agenda Platform.

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