113 great leaders in healthcare | 2022

Healthcare needs strong leaders now more than ever to navigate their organizations through the pandemic and digital transformation. The following 113 great leaders champion innovation and have built a solid cultural foundation for success in the future. For questions and comments on this list, contact Laura Dyrda at ldyrda@beckershealthcare.com. Naomi Diaz, Cailey Gleeson, Georgina Gonzalez, Riz Hatton, Marissa Plescia and Ariana Portalatin contributed to the development of this list. Greg Adams. Chair and CEO of Kaiser Permanente (Oakland, Calif.). Mr. Adams leads a network of 39 hospitals, 730 medical offices and more than 216,000 employees. His work…

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BMBF Progress Hubs Health

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding Digital Progress Hubs Health from 2021 to 2025 with 50 million EUR.

Medical Universities have carried out important pioneering work in the medical informatics initiative funded by the BMBF. Since mid-2021, the Digital Progress Hubs Health, also funded by the BMBF, will take the next step: They are to develop model solutions for the transfer of digital innovations into regional care and optimize them in practice. In addition, regional care data should also help research in the future to improve care concepts and therapies in a targeted manner, taking into account data protection.

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Recipe of light

Certain “recipe of light” as combinations of blue, red and ultraviolet light can enhance plant growth and could reduce the use of pesticides. [wonderplugin_video videotype="mp4" mp4="https://medcontrolling.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/IMG_1131.mov" webm="" poster="" lightbox=0 lightboxsize=1 lightboxwidth=960 lightboxheight=540 autoopen=0 autoopendelay=0 autoclose=0 lightboxtitle="" lightboxgroup="" lightboxshownavigation=0 showimage="" lightboxoptions="" videowidth=600 videoheight=400 keepaspectratio=1 autoplay=5 loop=0 videocss="position:relative;display:block;background-color:#000;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto;" playbutton="https://medcontrolling.com/wp-content/plugins/wonderplugin-video-embed/engine/playvideo-64-64-0.png"] A 20,000-square-metre light installation in the Netherlands is contributing to sustainable agriculture. The vertically placed LEDs in a field of leek are said to increase crop growth. UV light could also reduce the use of pesticides by up to 50%, according to Daan Roosegaarde, the designer behind the project. …

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2021-27 EU Programmes for Health and Investment

Multi-billion-euro funding schemes will support research directly and indirectly Multi-billion-euro funding schemes will support research directly and indirectly The European Parliament has given its final approval to two 2021-27 EU programmes for bolstering health and investment activities that will make direct and indirect contributions to the bloc’s research capacity. The renewed InvestEU programme will use budget guarantees totalling €26.2 billion to mobilise private and national investments estimated to reach more than €372bn in four policy areas. — Read on www.researchprofessionalnews.com/rr-news-europe-politics-2021-3-meps-sign-off-eu-health-and-investment-programmes/

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Amazon Medical Insurance

Three years ago, Amazon founded the health insurance company Haven Healthcare together with the investment company Berkshire Hathaway and the New York bank JP Morgan. Now this is to end again - a company spokesperson recently confirmed this to US media. Read more at: www.pfefferminzia.de/haven-healthcare-amazon-macht-schluss-mit-krankenversicherung/

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50 Hospitals in Bavaria with the Highest Coding Quality in the First 2020 COVID-19 Catastrophic Event

The statewide disaster situation existed in Bavaria from March 16, 2020, to June 16, 2020, inclusive. From April 2, 2020, to October 21, 2020, Bavaria also had the highest total number of infected persons per 100,000 population link among all German states. Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the following 50 Bavarian hospitals achieved the best coding quality in the period from April 1 to September 30 (2nd and 3rd quarters) 2020. Read on at: https://www.gkv-spitzenverband.de/krankenversicherung/krankenhaeuser/krankenhaeuser_abrechnung/kh_pruefung_statistik/pruefquoten_und_statistik.jsp Clinic AUS_POM_Q* Urologische Klinik München - Planegg 100 Klinik Hochried 100 Fachklinik St. Lukas 100 PASSAUER WOLF Nittenau 100 Klinik am Greinberg…

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Gitanjali Rao is a Kid of the Year

Gitanjali Rao was awarded the Top “Health” Pillar Prize for the TCS Ignite Innovation Student Challenge in May 2019 for developing a diagnostic tool based on advances in genetic engineering for early diagnosis of prescription opioid addiction.[1] Rao is the first person to receive TIME magazine's Kid of the Year designation. [2] More updates and helpful links at: https://wp.me/PckLJr-w

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General overhaul of the DRG system| Bibliomed Manager

The DRG system has many friends Financing and structural reform are interrelated. But what can be done if the countries do not follow them? The focus is on per-case flat rates. Even though the Institute for the Remuneration System in Hospitals (InEK) adjusts the DRG system annually, the deficiencies remain clearly visible. Hospitals are sometimes penalized for good medicine, for example by charging more minutes of ventilation. The false incentives have attracted harsh criticism from the medical profession, the health insurance funds and politicians. "Same price for same performance - this is the biggest nonsense that has…

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5 mega trends you should know about

https://youtu.be/F289qpeZDgc     According to the World Economic Forum there are the 5 mega trends facing the world you have to know about right now. Read more at: World Economic Forum

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