Estimator of a hospital stay

With a new MedcoDRG Cost Estimator estimating costs for a hospital stay in Germany

Are you planning a medical  treatment that requires an overnight hospital stay? Do you want an idea of how much the stay will cost in your area in Germany? You can use for that our new tool:  Free Cost Estimator for a Hospital Stay in Germany (MedcoDRG Cost Estimator).

The tool estimates what the total cost of a hospital stay will be for a certain procedure in a certain location in Germany. The cost is what you might pay if you don’t have insurance. It’s also what you might pay if you have insurance but the providers caring for you don’t take your insurance. (That’s called “going out of network.”)

If you’re going out of network, the estimate may help you to negotiate a price with your providers. If you’re uninsured, the estimate may help you to negotiate a price and also allow you to understand the potential benefits of coverage. Whether you’re uninsured or going out of network, the estimate will help you plan for the costs of a procedure.

The hospital stay cost estimate may not include all of the costs you may have to pay. For example, it may not include all professional charges. The result  will show you a total estimate of how much the hospital stay will cost. It also will break down the total by the types of things included.

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