Open Science – European Commission

The European Commission has awarded a contract for the setting up of an open access publishing platform “ Open Science” for scientific articles as a free service for Horizon 2020 beneficiaries. The EU’s new open-access platform will levy a €780 article processing charge. — Read on More updates and useful links in our blog at

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What Really Matters in the Leadership?| McKinsey

According to McKinsey, new research suggests that the secret to developing effective leaders is to encourage four types of behavior: Solving problems effectively. The process that precedes decision making is problem solving, when information is gathered, analyzed, and considered. This is deceptively difficult to get right, yet it is a key input into decision making for major issues (such as M&A) as well as daily ones (such as how to handle a team dispute). Operating with a strong results orientation. Leadership is about not only developing and communicating a vision and setting objectives but also following through…



According to several scientific studies, here are five things you could do on a daily basis that are good for your brain — and one that isn’t. — Read on — More updates and useful links in our blog at


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invested

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invested in Apple, Amazon, and Google last quarter | Markets Insider The investment arm of the world's largest private foundation revealed the new tech bets, valued north of $450 million in total, in a recent financial filing. — Read on


ERC Advanced Grant

📢ERC Advanced Grant Call is open! Are you an established, leading principal investigator who wants long-term funding to pursue a ground-breaking, high-risk project? We have €492M for Europe-based projects run by researchers of any field/nationality. - Read on - More updates and useful links in our blog at


Funding of German Clinics in the Corona Pandemic

In the current article of the German magazine for physicians “Ärztezeitung” describes issues in the  governmental funding  of the German clinics during corona pandemic. In German: Warum das Krankenhausentlastungsgesetz Unikliniken nicht reicht. — Read on — More updates and useful links in our blog at


European Commision: Overview of current funding programmes for healthcare

Funding programmes for healthcare at the moment include: Cohesion fund Competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs (COSME) Connecting Europe Facility Creative Europe Erasmus + Europe for citizens European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) European neighbourhood instrument (ENI) European Regional Development Fund European Social Fund (ESF) European Structural and Investment Funds European voluntary humanitarian aid corps EU aid volunteers (EUAV) Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) Guarantee fund for external actions Health for growth Horizon 2020 Humanitarian aid Instrument for emergency support within the Union Interoperability solutions and common frameworks for European public administrations, businesses and citizens…


Evolution of Man

Paleoanthropology studies the origin and evolution of man and tries to reconstruct the history of biological and cultural changes experienced by our ancestors since the lines that have led to humans and chimpanzees split some six million years ago. One of the main bodies of evidence on which the study of human evolution draws is fossils of extinct hominid species. Read on - More updates and useful links in our blog at    


EIT Health Idays

The European Institut for Innovation & Technology (EIT) the promotes now health innovation among university students through one-to-two-day programmes Innovation Days (i-Days) held at academic institutions. — Read on More updates and useful links in our blog at