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Approved medical expenses in 2020 and 2021 in Germany

The Central Association of Statutory Health Insurance has published the GKV statistics for approved medical expenses.

A significant proportion of the clinics have therefore improved their “coding quality”. But this positive trend is likely to end in the next quarter.

642 hospitals (38 percent) report in the 4. Quarter 2021 more than 59 percent of unobjectionable invoices. This results in the 2. Quarter 2022 Audit rates of 5 percent and a mark-up of zero percent. 819 clinics (48 percent) achieve a test rate of 10 percent and a surcharge of 25 percent. Overall, this is an improvement on the two previous quarters (see tables). Thus reached in the 2. Quarter 2021 only 27 percent the audit rate of 5 percent (fictitious) and almost 20 percent were with a fictitious test rate of 15 percent.But from a clinical point of view, this positive trend could end in the first quarter of 2022. Because from this year, the ban on invoice correction takes effect. Experts assume that the number of invoices objected to by the medical service – and thus also the inspection rates – will increase significantly.

GKV statistics for approved medical expenses are regularly published here .

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