Gitanjali Rao is a Kid of the Year

Gitanjali Rao was awarded the Top “Health” Pillar Prize for the TCS Ignite Innovation Student Challenge in May 2019 for developing a diagnostic tool based on advances in genetic engineering for early diagnosis of prescription opioid addiction.[1] Rao is the first person to receive TIME magazine's Kid of the Year designation. [2] More updates and helpful links at:

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What Really Matters in the Leadership?| McKinsey

According to McKinsey, new research suggests that the secret to developing effective leaders is to encourage four types of behavior: Solving problems effectively. The process that precedes decision making is problem solving, when information is gathered, analyzed, and considered. This is deceptively difficult to get right, yet it is a key input into decision making for major issues (such as M&A) as well as daily ones (such as how to handle a team dispute). Operating with a strong results orientation. Leadership is about not only developing and communicating a vision and setting objectives but also following through to achieve results. Leaders with a strong results orientation tend to emphasize the importance of efficiency and productivity and to prioritize the highest-value work. Seeking different perspectives. This trait is conspicuous in managers who monitor trends affecting organizations, grasp changes in the environment, encourage employees to contribute ideas that could improve performance, accurately differentiate between important and unimportant issues, and give the appropriate weight to stakeholder concerns. Leaders who do well on this dimension typically base their decisions on sound analysis and avoid the many biases to which decisions are prone. Supporting others. Leaders who are supportive understand and sense how other people feel. By showing authenticity and a sincere interest in those around them, they build trust and inspire and help colleagues to overcome challenges. They intervene in group work to promote organizational efficiency, allaying unwarranted fears about external threats and preventing the energy of employees from dissipating into internal conflict. — Read on More updates and useful links in our blog at


Bristol-Myers to buy Celgene in a $74 billion deal

The combined company will have nine products with more than $1 billion in annual sales and significant potential for growth in oncology, immunology and inflammation and cardiovascular disease. — Read on


Free Linkedin Online Course: The shift from manager to leader

Recognize the key competencies and sometimes subtle shifts that separate robust, fast-track leaders from their management counterparts in the free Linkedin online course: the shift from manager to leader. — Read on


Top LinkedIn Influencers in 2018

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